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Do You Suffer From COVID Long Haulers?

There is still so much unknown about the long term effects that COVID-19 will have on those that were infected. Some people, especially those who had severe COVID-19, experience multi-organ effects of autoimmune conditions with symptoms lasting weeks, months or even a year after their illness. Clinicians have recently discovered that by injecting a therapeutic concentration of Platelet Therapy™ into their patients that are experiencing long-term COVID symptoms, their patients have experienced a reduction or resolution of their symptoms. It appears that the therapeutic concentration is helping to re-initiate the body’s healing cascade. Platelets play a pivotal role in our body’s immune system and Platelet Therapy™ is providing its clinicians the technology to help patients that are struggling with long hauler symptoms.


What Are COVID Long Hauler Symptoms?

It doesn’t matter how severe a person’s COVID infection was, anyone can be at risk. It also does not matter if you were vaccinated or not. People are experiencing all kinds of long hauler symptoms. Many studies have shown that some common risk factors are associated with patients that may have a more severe reaction to the COVID-19 virus including high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes and more. However, that doesn’t necessarily correlate to those that will develop common symptoms of COVID long haulers. COVID long haulers are patients who no longer test positive for COVID-19 but may still suffer from some of the symptoms. COVID-19 Long Hauler symptoms cover a wide range and may include some of the following:

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Cough
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Joint and Muscle Pain
  • Brain Fog
  • Chest Pain
  • Heart Palpitations

How Can Platelet Therapy™ Help COVID Long-Hauler Symptoms?

Clinicians are already utilizing Platelet Therapy™ to help their patients overcome some of the long hauler symptoms that they are experiencing. Clinicians know that a therapeutic concentration of 1.5 Billion platelets per mL injected of Platelet Therapy™ will help to initiate the body’s healing cascade to harness the body’s ability to heal itself. If you are immunocompromised, introducing billions of concentrated platelets back into your body will help your body unlock the healing potential contained within it. Your body will recognize the increase in platelets and will put them to work seeking out and destroying viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that they will encounter inside of you.

Discover Relief for COVID Long Hauler Symptoms

You don’t have to suffer through COVID Long Hauler symptoms any longer. Platelet Therapy™ is being used by the providers who utilize our technology. They understand the need to get you relief from these lingering effects. Platelet Therapy™ is safe and effective and has no known side effects because the platelets are from your own body helping to heal you!

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