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Enjoy a Fuller Head of Hair
With Platelet Therapy™

Male and female pattern baldness affects nearly 80 million Americans. Numerous factors determine if and when you may start to experience baldness. Hair loss can sometimes be triggered by an autoimmune response to stress. You can also experience post-COVID hair loss as well. There is hope for patients who want to regain a thick head of hair. Platelet Therapy™ is an emerging option that helps patients regrow their natural-looking hair without a hair transplant. You can regrow lost hair by utilizing your body’s own healing and growth factors. Ask your doctor if they use Platelet Therapy™ in their practice to treat hair loss and get started today.

woman combing hair

How Is Platelet Therapy™ Different?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP),  has been used for decades in sports medicine, joint pain relief, aesthetics, and hair restoration. The results are inconsistent, and some clinicians will say it’s “hit or miss” or a “50-50 chance it will work”. The reason for this is that clinicians base the amount of blood they are going to draw on the processing kit and not on the patient’s unique biology. Each patient has a platelet count that can vary from day to day. If the clinician is not measuring a patient’s platelet count, how will they know how much blood to draw to reach a therapeutic concentration for angiogenesis to occur (the growth of micro blood vessels that is needed to nourish hair follicles)? They don’t! Platelet Therapy™ measures the patient’s platelet count on the day of therapy and it is also used to confirm that your Platelet Therapy™ is actually a therapeutic concentration before it is injected into your scalp to provide the best possible conditions for your scalp to regrow hair.

Learn More About Our Process

Platelet Count

On the day of the procedure, we’ll take a blood sample via finger stick to determine your baseline platelet count.


We use your baseline platelet count to determine how much blood to draw to achieve a therapeutic concentration.


Your blood is then placed in a double spin centrifuge to separate out the platelets, growth factors and exosomes from the red blood cells and platelet poor plasma.


Once your Platelet Therapy™ has been created, we take a sample to confirm that your therapy is indeed in a therapeutic concentration and then it is injected into your scalp.

man combing hand through hair

How Does Platelet Therapy™ Help With Hair Loss?

When considering the use of Platelet Therapy™ to enhance hair growth, it is extremely important that we reach an ideal platelet concentration to achieve optimal results. The scientific literature has shown that a platelet concentration of at least 1.5 Billion platelets per mL is needed to stimulate follicular angiogenesis or blood vessel formation, which is a major factor in rejuvenating thinning hair. This angiogenesis event also allows for better blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the hair follicles. The Platelet Therapy™ System verifies your platelet levels in real-time using specialized cell analysis software. Our platelet counter can calculate and validate a patient-specific Platelet Therapy™ concentration based on your platelet levels to determine the blood volume needed to provide a high concentration of Platelet Therapy™. Clinicians have the ability to quantify the platelet levels real-time as well as the Platelet Therapy™ before it is injected to provide a more consistent outcome which results in the thickening of thinning hair.

Feel Confident Again With
Natural-Looking Hair

Platelet Therapy™ can help you achieve a more youthful appearance by helping to regain your natural hair. There are virtually no risks involved with the process because you are using your body’s own blood. Some of the most common side effects include mild tenderness and swelling in the injection area of your scalp. Most patients see results between four to six months after their initial three injections. Ask your hair restoration specialist if they use Platelet Therapy™ in their practice.

Learn More About
Platelet Therapy™ Today!